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Feb 27

Written by: Kathryn Ullrich
2/27/2010 1:28 PM 

As I always start the year, here are my projections/trends for the coming year, this year in David Letterman Top Ten style. Below are two Top Ten lists: Top Ten Trends in the Job Market and, for those who are unemployed, Top Ten Tips for Getting a Job.

In this newsletter, also check out the new COO job listing and calendar. While putting the final edits on Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success, I am lining up speaking events at a variety of professional associations and organizations.

Please contact me with any search needs.

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  • Current searches
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  • Upcoming events

Feature Article

Top Ten Trends in the Job Market
By Kathy Ullrich

  1. SaaS continues to be a software model that works
  2. Hiring – I am starting to see more sales, business development, and product marketing/management and even marketing searches as the hiring market picks up
  3. eReaders - with my upcoming book I am eagerly watching the eReader and tablet platform proliferation
  4. Start-up 101 - with the venture capital markets retrenching, we will probably see more lean start-ups and more revenue/monetization before funding
  5. Consulting - before hiring employees, companies usually turn to consultants to fill the gap
  6. Clean-tech/sustainability - a lot of candidates express the desire to join this bubble
  7. Smartphones - watch as mobile devices become the PC industry of the decade
  8. Cloud computing/virtualization – another area to watch
  9. Proactive/pre-emptive hiring - just like coming out of the recession, I predict smart companies will be hiring top talent to leap frog competition
  10. Social media - we have crossed the gap and I now see social media driving marketing for businesses (follow me on Twitter!)

Top Ten Trends in the Job Market
By Kathy Ullrich

  1. Network, network, network
  2. Update your resume, with a word diet to bring prominence to your unique skills and experiences
  3. Add an objective or concise summary to your resume, clearly stating your brand
  4. Determine your unique brand – what makes you better than others applying for the positions?
  5. Practice a 15 second elevator pitch and include representative target companies to grab your listener
  6. Pick up the phone and call 20 people this week!
  7. Set up 5 informational interviews – and do NOT ask for a job
  8. Attend at least one professional event this week in your area of expertise
  9. Join a job search networking group for lead sharing and accountability
  10. Identify 6 to 10 target companies and focus your efforts on these companies

Current Searches

Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc. completed a COO search for a disruptive, innovative technology company. We are now conducting a COO search for a consumer Internet company.

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  • April 29 – Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success (SDForum)

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